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Massage scalp hairbrush

When it comes to massages there is nothing better than your scalp being rubbed. A proper scalp massaging brush is the ideal solution. When you massage your scalp you are assisting in the health of your hair. A massager assists in stimulating blood flow and massaging the hair follicles. They come in a variety of colours, styles and even with a variation of teeth and material. Scalp massager are commonly made from silicone as it is a softer material that is waterproof making it ideal. The silicone tooth combs are structure by the bristles being cones that are attached tho the handle. The cones come to a point allowing them to target your scalp and massage them. Other materials scalp massagers can be made from include wooden or plastic handles and bristles made out of synthetic or natural fibers. Anything that has a robustness so you are able to apply some pressure to get a fantastic massage. The shapes of these can vary from something similar and resembling a standard brush to small round brushes that are easy to hold.

How to use

The best way to massage your scalp is to do it in the shower when you are washing your hair. This ensures that it loosens all the debris, dirt and grub that your hair could be holding on to, while also stimulating blood flow and releasing tension. Try to avoid knotting your hair especially if it is long by using broader circles. If you massage your head using small circles you are more than likely going to get knots that you don’t want.

If you suffer from a lot of tension, aches and pains other massager tools could be extremely beneficial. You could get anything from full-body massages to foot massagers. These can be great in assisting aches, pains and dealing with tensions in your muscles. Essential oils and inscense sticks can be ideal to assist in relaxation.

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