Massage Stones and Rocks

After a long, stressful day, there are few things as relaxing and invigourating as a massage. Though a hands-on approach works well, sometimes using massage equipment and supplies, including massage stones and rocks, can further enhance your experience, contributing to deeper relaxation and stress relief. Professionals use massage stones in a variety of ways to loosen tension and engage your body in the release of stress and toxins.


Made of basalt, which is a volcanic rock, most massage stones are circular in shape. Though some look smooth to the eye, some are rougher and more natural-looking. There are also specific stones embellished with designs that are meant to aid in chakra healing therapy. Stones aren't just one size; they come in a variety of sizes for use on different parts of the back and spine, including longer, wider stones as well as small, coin-sized rocks.


You can't use massage stones without massage heaters, which you use to keep your rocks warm until you're ready to place them on your client. These warmers look similar to a crock pot, and use water to naturally heat stones and keep them at a comfortable temperature. Other massage supplies you may need to round out your spa room include a wooden scoop that's vented in order to retrieve stones safely from the warmer, a carrying case for travelling with your rocks, some soft, soothing music and natural massage oils to create an inviting, scented massage experience.


Masseuses use massage stones to relieve strain on your back's pressure points. Rocks are placed purposefully along the back, spine and neck in order to achieve optimum relaxation. Since the rocks are hot, the heat helps relax the muscles, further relieving tension. There are also specific stones meant for facial massage. Stones and rocks are generally an accompaniment to a traditional massage, and the heat allows massage oil to absorb properly and help increase blood circulation. Basalt material retains heat better than other rocks, which is why professionals use basalt stones during massage treatments.

Sets and Kits

If you're learning about hot stone therapy for the first time, or want to get everything you need at once instead of picking items separately, purchasing a kit is a safe bet. Massage stone kits may come with only rocks and a warmer, or they may offer a variety of items, including stones of different sizes, massage oils, music CDs, and storage for stones. You can store stones in pouches, boxes or cases, depending on your personal preference and how many stones you have.