Massage Table Linens and Covers

Getting a massage can be a lovely experience, not only for the body but also for the mind. If you are looking to take up the practice of giving massages or if you have a massage table in your home, you will likely be in need of a set of linens or covers to go on top of your table. However, there are a number of options you will have when choosing your particular set of massage table linens and covers. Once you decide upon the fabric make up and size of your set, your table will be ready for experience the ultimate comfort of a massage.

Why Buy Massage Table Linens and Covers

There are a few important reasons why purchasing linens and covers are necessary for your massage tables and chairs. The first one is comfort—you or your clients will appreciate having a soft, luxurious set of linens to lay on while receiving a massage. The second reason is sanitation, as a fresh set of linens or a new cover between uses can help to prevent the transfer of germs and will help provide peace of mind for both clients and yourself.

Types of Fabrics

Massage table linens and covers can be made of a number of different fabrics. Fabrics all have varying levels of comfort and softness and also different qualities that may be desired. For instance, one common type of fabric is cotton, which is breathable and also comfortable. Cotton blends, along with polyester, do not wrinkle easily, while flannel is also a common choice for its comfort and warmth.

Massage Table Linen and Cover Sizes

Most massage tables come in a standard size, but you will certainly want to be positive that your new linens or covers are the correct fit for your particular table. Some owners and masseuses opt for specific massage table linens, which are more likely to have a perfect fit. However, others sometimes choose to use regular twin bed sheets, as there are a few more options when it comes to colour and feel.

Massage Table Accessories

Once you have chosen your new massage table linens, you might consider adding in a few additional accessories to further enhance your next massage experience. There are massage oils and lotions to help moisturize and please the senses during a massage, as well as face pillows and even massage rocks and stones.