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Whether you're looking to kit out your beauty salon, massage room, or a home relaxation center, check out eBay's great range of beauty beds.

Also known as a massage table, this functional, comfortable, and useful piece of furniture has a range of uses and applications. The perfect complement to a massage chair, the beauty table is a must have for any at-home beauty or massage therapist. Regardless of the other massage equipment you own, your clients can't truly get the most from their appointment without somewhere to rest, relax, and enjoy your skills.

What to look for when buying a beauty bedThe first thing you want to consider when buying a beauty bed is a table with a sound foundation and solid construction. Look for high quality, layered foam, a great quality fabric, and the table width to suit your intended need. Also, try to find a table that is easy to clean, maintain, with a great face or head rest.

If you visit clients, then you'll want to find a beauty bed that is easily portable. Lightweight aluminium alloy is what you'll be looking for, rather than wood. If you're lugging the beauty bed around, then definitely consider your comfort first, and your client's comfort second. You need to be at your best. Also consider if you'll need a carry case for lugging your beauty table to your next client.

However, if you don't intend to move the beauty bed, then portability isn't such a factor and you can go with a higher comfort, sturdy wooden construction. Look for a table that has an adjustable height, or a height that suits you. A leg bolster is a nice additional feature to shorten the height of your client. An added footrest also helps to customise your table. Compare the density of the foam, rather than the thickness.

Other optional inclusions might be linens, positioners, and body wedges or cushions. Find the beauty table and accessories you need on eBay today so you can put yourself in position to do your best work.