Matcha Tea

Matcha powdered tea is a special form of green tea. Matcha tea has numerous health benefits and a pleasing taste that is enjoyed by people all around the world. This form of tea originated in China, but it is also produced and used widely in Japan. It can be bought in metal canisters, packets and tea bag form.


The main difference between regular green tea and matcha is that it is grown in the shade for a number of weeks before it is harvested. It is then steamed to stop the fermentation process. This gives the tea leaves a unique flavour and texture which makes the signature matcha taste. After a period of cold storage the leaves are ground into a fine powder and packaged for sale. There is a wide variety of well known brands as well as unbranded matcha tea for budget conscious consumers.


Matcha tea can be bought in both powdered form and tea bags. The powdered form is prepared by adding hot water and mixing with a spoon or special bamboo whisk. Because it is powdered, the tea will have a frothy texture. You can also enjoy matcha cold in the summer months.

Health Benefits

Like most types of tea, matcha tea contains antioxidants which help to repair cell damage and neutralise free radicals. Matcha tea has also been shown to improve metabolism, increase energy, calm the mind, enhance mood, increase concentration and lower cholesterol and blood sugar. It also features a range of vitamins and minerals which replenish the body. People who are on detox diets often incorporate matcha tea as part of their plan because it contains chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify and remove chemicals. Matcha tea also provides a slow release of caffeine, which makes it a better alternative for those that suffer from withdrawal symptoms or are sensitive to caffeine.


Matcha tea is often enjoyed in traditional tea bowls, and it can be made frothy by using a bamboo whisk. Tea scoops, whisks and ceramic bowls are popular gift items which can be bought separately or as part of a set. The scoop helps you to measure how much matcha you are using, which helps to produce a consistent cup of tea every time. These accessories are often used during traditional matcha tea drinking ceremonies, and contribute to an authentic experience.