Rev your engines and get ready to race with Matchbox toys from eBay. 

Whether you're an older collector, a parent looking for some cool new gifts for your kids or a mixture of both, there are few things more iconic when it comes to the world of toys than Matchbox diecast vehicles. From the vintage cars, trucks and vans of yesteryear to today's contemporary diecast vehicles, eBay has thousands of options for those looking to add a little more horsepower to their collection or toybox. 

Peeking under the hood 

When you roll up your sleeves and pop the hood to take a closer look, you'll see that eBay's got a garage full of high-powered Matchbox toys from which to choose. 

Looking for a single piece that's evaded your grasp for years? With separate sections for major Matchbox makes and models such as Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Peterbilt and more, you can browse our digital showroom with ease to find what you're missing. 

Prefer to buy in bulk to form a formidable fleet of speed demons? That's not a problem, either, as we have some of the best Matchbox toys online grouped into sets and collections. Mint in the box, loose or a mixture of both, you'll find lots of all sorts that can add mixture of mini mobiles to your vehicle collection in just a few clicks. 

With a massive selection of traditional four-wheeled options as well as Matchbox models of planes, military equipment and construction and other utility vehicles, eBay's lineup of diecast toys has a little something for fans old and young alike. Put the pedal to the medal and take a spin around our thousands of options today.