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Maternity Belly Belts and Bands

As your stomach grows during pregnancy, some women might like to have the extra support that maternity belly belts and bands offer. These bands come in different materials like Spandex and Lycra, all of which grow with you as your baby and belly do. Some of the belly band garments are for use during pregnancy or postnatal wear only, while others can transition through both.

Belly Bands

A belly band is usually Lycra or Spandex, and it slips comfortably over a pregnant stomach for support. You can wear these bands underneath your maternity clothes as a way to feel covered as you begin to grow, and they allow you to continue wearing your regular clothes if you choose.

Post Natal Belts

A postnatal belt is available to help care for your stomach after delivery, and these work by pulling in your waist so that you can feel supported as you regain your shape. A postnatal belt has a few options for how it stays tight, including a Velcro strip, corset style back, and durable Spandex belly belts that work like shapewear. Some postnatal belts are medical developments, whereas others are simply a form of shapewear that helps to create a smoother silhouette.

All Sizes and Materials

Belly bands and postnatal belts come in different sizes to accommodate all shapes of women, so it’s easy enough to shop for your size and find a match. Some belly bands work off a specific measurement from your stomach, and others label in your usual size of clothing. Belly bands can also come attached to your maternity jeans to give them more space, or in the form of a maternity trouser extender, which allows you to get more room out of your regular jeans without upgrading.

Different Styles and Colours

Maternity belly belts and bands come in three main colours of white, black and beige, so they can pair easily with your clothes. This allows the bands to blend in under your maternity dresses and clothing and help to smooth out your figure, creating a nicer shape.

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