The most beautiful, full-bodied sounding acoustic guitars in the world are made right here in Australia by Maton 

For the stage, studio or bedroom, Maton guitars offer beautiful sound - both amplified or pure acoustic. Maton only employs 70 people and is entirely family owned and operated, putting detail into everything from the initial selection and grading of rough sawn timber to levelling and polishing of the frets. All guitars are made in Melbourne with the attention to detail that makes Maton the finest acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world. 

There is a reason why so many of the most prominent artists in Australia and around the world play on Maton Guitars. Each guitar is handcrafted to have a unique character and tone with the passion and skill of guitar makers, who draw on years of experience and dedication to produce a truly remarkable instrument. The quality of a Maton guitar makes it the kind of instrument you will pass down to future generations of musicians. 

Once you have your own Maton Dreadnought Acoustic you'll never need another acoustic guitar again. Maton build these guitars from Australian timbers such as Blackwood, Queensland Maple and Satin Box. The sound these produce is rich in tone, highlighting the bass elements in perfect contrast to the overall balance. 

Maton's woods become more responsive as time passes and the vibrations of your playing tweak the sound. The guitar essentially becomes an extension of you, tailoring your sound and your music. Maton are guitar players who make guitars for guitar players, find the best prices on eBay and fall in love with Maton guitars today.