Mattel Dolls

Mattel Dolls

Mattel is perhaps one of the biggest and most influential toy manufacturers in history. Mattel dolls have made them who they are, having been responsible for the Barbie doll brand.


Mattel Barbie dolls are probably the most famous line of dolls ever. Throughout the years Barbie has seen several transformations with Barbies of different ethnicities and cultures. Barbie has been a mermaid, a fairy and a number of other magical creatures and also has a wealth of clothes and accessories to choose from.

Get your little girl a princess Barbie or a skater Barbie as a gift and be in her good books for the rest of the week.

Monster High

Monster High Dolls from Mattel are incredibly popular toys. Reimagining all the classic spooky monsters and characters as fashion-conscious high school students, these dolls will let your kids imagination run riot.

A monster high doll can be adorned with all types of clothing, be it creepy monstrous garments or stylish every-day outfits. This brand of doll from Mattel has an endless supply of quirky and fun accessories. Some even include buttons to make them light up or speak.


Mattel has an extensive line of Disney dolls. Get your girls favourite, fully posable Disney princess. Be it Cinderella, Snow white or Elsa and Anna, each will have their own distinctive outfit or dress as well as a number of unique accessories.

There is more than the princesses to be found. Mattel has produced all of the boys too. Some dolls will even have buttons to make them sing or light up.

Throughout the Years

Mattel has been producing dolls since the 1960s and each decade has seen its own iconic doll emerge. Buy an older item for nostalgia purposes or to add to your collection, or choose more contemporary dolls for your little girl or boy.