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Got one to sell?

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Have you been having trouble sleeping? Tossing and turning or waking up in the night too hot or too cold?

A wool underlay or mattress toppermay be the answer.

Improve upon your mattress

If your mattress isn't as soft as it used to be, but it's not time for a whole new one, a wool underlay has the ability to add that layer of comfort back to your mattress, making your bed feel new again. There is nothing better than curling up in a soft, cloud of wool on a cold winter's night, ready for a restful and reinvigorating sleep.

Breathable wool underlay

As wool is a breathable material, a wool under blanket allows air to flow around and under your body even as you sleep, allowing your body temperature to stay stable throughout the night preventing you from overheating or getting cold as the night cools down, interrupting or disturbing you sleep. A wool underlay can improve the comfort of your bed and air flow as you sleep and will allow you to get a better nights rest, cutting down on tossing and turning, leaving you well rested and ready for the day ahead.


Wool underlays are available as either a single side of wool, perfect for a cosy, restful sleep in winter, or with a reversible option, having a cotton side for the summer where the cotton cover is placed over the wool allowing for a cooler sleep with all the comfort of a wool under blanket. Pair this with a light, high thread countbed sheetsand you will sleep like a baby throughout the summer nights.

Wool underlays are available for double, queen and king sized beds, with many products listed on EBay coming from Australian manufacturers. Sleep easy knowing that you're supporting Australian manufacturing and farmers while improving your quality of your sleep.

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