Maui Jim

Hit the beach with Maui Jim sunglasses

From the stunning beaches of Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian islands, the Maui Jim sunglasses were born. You will now find these sunglasses all around the world, and with good reason. Maui Jim has perfected the art of making lenses so you can experience the full spectrum of colours that intense sunlight can often hide. All this is thanks to Maui Jims PolarizedPlus2 lens technology.

With a range of both womens and mens sunglasses, the brand is still going strong.

PolarizedPlus2 lens technology

This revolutionary technology is responsible for glare elimination, colour enhancement, eye health and lens protection. If this was not enough there is also a colour for every condition such as natural grey, HCL bronze, Maui Rose and Maui HT. There is also a selection of lenses with super thin glass, all lightweight, shatter and scratch resistant and of course with an enviable clarity.

Styles and design

Once youve got your head around the technology, and have decided which lens will be best for you, you will be spoilt for choice with the extensive range of frames to choose from here on eBay. Its time to say Aloha and get yourself beach ready. You will find sunnies in every colour on the spectrum.

As purple is the new black, Maui Jim has a striking pair of polarised Purple Fade shades as part of their range of womens sunglasses and there is also a range of unisex sunglasses as well. If youre happy to share you will be swapping shades for even more variety on your holidays.

Prescription lenses

If you wear prescription glasses you havent been left out either. The MauiPassport lenses dont just correct your vision but also help to obscure the clarity and colour enhancement around you, they provide you with a sharpness across the entire lens. You will have full access to the technology and extensive range as everyone else with no need to compromise.