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Maxwell & Williams Dinner Sets

Dinner sets make great gifts but are also highly practical when you are considering additions to your tableware collection or even just starting out. For instance, when moving to a new place or buying your own home, part of the excitement is amassing your own tableware. Maxwell & Williams porcelain dinnerware sets take care of the selection process for you. No need to choose matching bowls, cutlery, utensils, and plates; just pick a set you like, each piece is guaranteed to look good together when spread on the table.

China What?

China and porcelain are often interchanged because they are synonymous. It’s the region that determines the term used. In some countries, 'china' is the preferred term and describes the country of origin, while 'porcelain' is derived from the word 'porcella' in Latin, which means seashell. Both these terms describe a material that is smooth, lustrous, and white. Porcelain, for instance, is usually the preferred term in Europe.

Bone China

In terms of construction, china is moulded into plates, saucers, or bowls and fired at high temperatures for long periods to harden the clay. Specifically, bone china is fired at lower temperatures than usual, and the clay is mixed with calcified bone powder made of incinerated animal bone. This acts as a refractory ingredient that gives it a soft sheen. Ironically, the softness makes bone china sturdier but thinner than other kinds of porcelain because of the reduced brittleness imparted by the bone powder. For this reason, Maxwell & Williams bone china dinner sets are durable yet elegant pieces of tableware.


You can shop for many colour options to suit your preferences and decor. If your dining room theme is more playful and vibrant, choosing a striking hue like red adds to the dynamic colours and makes it even more eye-catching. What if you have a more subdued monochromatic setup? Black and white Maxwell & William sets blend in with minimalist dining rooms and kitchens, but the lustrous quality of the porcelain makes them great accents for the table. There are other less subdued designs of course. Choose the Symphony blue rim set for blue floral accents on the mugs and plate rims or the Cashmere Miami Mint set for a casual but stylish set of light-striped dinnerware for your table.