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From kitchen to the dining table and beyond with Maxwell and Williams

Maxwell and Williams are a globally recognised brand, offering remarkable quality and affordability designer homewares. Since their beginnings in 1995, Maxwell and Williams homewares collections have grown, and are now sold in more than 40 countries.

From the kitchen to the dining room table and beyond, the Maxwell and Williams collection has a homewares option for every occasion. Whether you are having a casual afternoon tea with friends or having a dinner party in a palace, Maxwell and Williams have something for you. Using the finest available materials from leading manufacturers, Maxwell and Williams create high-end glass, ceramic, acrylic and stainless steel homewares. Whether your kitchen or dining room needs a new touch of elegance or you simply want quality products for entertaining, Maxwell and Williams collections on eBay will satisfy every need.

Maxwell and Williams dinnerware plates and kitchenware

Nothing makes an impression like a Maxwell and Williams signature collection. Beautifully designed and crafted with the highest quality materials, there is a dinnerware and plates collection to suit every setting. With an extensive selection of Maxwell & Williams Dinnerware Plates on offer, eBay is the place to find these high-quality kitchen collectables.

With designed dinner plates and kitchenware inspired by Italian and brightly coloured ceramics of the world, the range available is nothing but spectacular. If you are looking to add a touch of colour to your dining experiences, Maxwell and Williams collections will more than satisfy. Combining the perfect mix of bright colours, earthy tones and modern elegance, and often collaborating with world-renowned artists, there are a million reasons to buy Maxwell and Williams dinnerware on eBay.

Maxwell and Williams glassware

Whether you are looking for high-quality champagne flutes, wine glasses or tumblers, or looking for bottle glass jugs or jars, Maxwell and Williams have something in their collection you can use. Bring a touch of unique character to the table with Maxwell and Williams selection of beautiful high-quality glassware. From bold statement pieces to delicate glassware accessories Maxwell and Williams glassware is the ultimate way to make a great first impression.

Maxwell and Williams dinnerware and serving products

If you are looking for Maxwell and Williams dinnerware and serve ware, then eBay is the best place to find what you are looking for. With a vast range of serve ware and dinnerware options available, there is something for every purpose and occasion.

Maxwell and Williams for the tea and coffee lover

Whether you are looking to drink tea and coffee every day from high-quality cups or looking for the perfect gift, Maxwell & Williams Cups and Saucers have a solution to suit every taste. With a vast range of collections available both old and new on eBay, there is something that can make everyone happy.

Maxwell and Williams products on eBay also include mugs, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, barware and kitchenware items like serving plates, cooking dishes, decanters, cutlery sets and serving cutlery. If you are looking for unique and practical items for your kitchen or dining rooms, Maxwell and Williams will have something to suit.