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Be Re-Born With Maybelline

There are few bigger names in the cosmetics industry than Maybelline. Most people around the world would know the slogan, "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline”. It's one of the most identifiable marketing campaigns in the world, and the quality of products stand as a testament to this brand's success.

The Maybelline story

Maybelline has been around since way back in 1915, when New York City native Thomas Lyle Williams saw his sister Mabel applying a mix of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyes as make-up. Hence, the name Maybelline was born when Williams used the idea to create his own cosmetics range.

Throughout the years, Maybelline has been an innovative company, creating the Maybelline Cake Mascara, which was the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use. They also launched the first mass-market automatic lash solution, Ultra Lash in the 1960s. Now owned by parent company L'Oreal, the Maybelline brand continues to astound.

Maybelline for the eyes

Eye make-up started it all for this now iconic brand, so it's little surprise they have such an impressive range of eye make-up products available. With bold and daring eyeshadow colours, you create a look that's uniquely yours. Or, you can choose from the more classic palette range. This range boasts the ability to create subtle shimmer or dark, edgy smokes. Whatever your desired look, you can get it.

You can also take great care in sculpting your ideal look, with the Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil. This product is popular because it gives great effect with minimal effort. There's also plenty of trendy lash solutions, from the subtle to the extremely full and bold. That's the beauty of Maybelline; it's all about giving you options to define your own style.

There's also eyeliner for all styles, whether you like the smudged look or something sleek and straight.

Face make-up

Maybelline is always in the pursuit of beauty, but it's also about making your routine easy. For those who like to get their make-up applied with minimum fuss, there's something for you in the Maybelline range. With subtle foundations and perfect blush shades, you can really enhance your own natural beauty with Maybelline.

It's not just about foundation though. Maybelline offers plenty of products to really bring your look together exactly how you want it. There are concealer products to cover up any blemishes, and even specially formulated under-eye concealer to get rid of any dark circles you might have.

With highlighters, bronzers and other contouring make-up, there's nothing you can't do with Maybelline. You're only limited by your imagination and willingness to give things a go.

Make your lips shine

Maybelline wants you to use your lips like an empty canvas. You can go bold; you can go subtle - as long as you're feeling confident and looking your best. From lipstick with matte finishes to bold, vibrant colours, you're in control of your lip look.

Aside from lipstick, there's plenty of other lip make-up options. Lip glosses with blurred shades, lip liners made for precision and even lip balms that help to heal, protect and beautify your lips.

So don't wait - get your hands on some beautiful Maybelline products and start crafting your ideal look today!