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Replacing your Mazda 3 Tail Lights

Whether your tail lights have been smashed in a collision, or they simply no longer work, they will need to be replaced if you want to stay safe on the roads while avoiding a potential fine from the police. The good news is that car and truck tail lights are relatively easy to replace at home, so you don't have to go to the expense of getting a professional to do it. Own a Mazda 3? eBay vendors sell many different LED tail lights for your Mazda 3, so you can easily choose the right ones for you.

Removing the Old Tail Light

Your Mazda 3 tail lights may be attached in either of two ways, depending on which year and model you have. If they are attached with a captive stud and socket, you will need to remove the screws from the tail light. Once they are out, use a thin object to pry the stud away from its socket. Plastic and wooden objects are best for this, as metal will likely scratch your paintwork.

If your LED tail lights are secured using a threaded stud, you will need to remove the nuts with a socket wrench. If you aren't sure which type of attachment your vehicle has, look near the tail lights for external screws. If you see any, your lights are probably attached with studs and sockets. Once you have taken out the screws, remove the tail light assembly by taking out the bulb sockets. You should now be able to pop out the assembly.

Replacing the Lens

Take the old lens off your tail light by removing any screws or nuts that are keeping it attached. Replace it with the new lens and then tighten everything back up. Reattach the assembly to your car using the bulb sockets and screws. Once it's all back in place, make sure to check your LED tail light to ensure it is functioning.

Easy huh? If you're ready to get your hands dirty (ish), check out eBay's great range of tail lights for popular makes and models, such as the Mazda 3.

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