Mazda Passenger Vehicles

Mazda Tribute Passenger Vehicles

Mazda Tributes rolled out around the world as new vehicles at the start of the new millennium between the years 2001-2011. A collaboration between Japanese car manufacturers Mazda and the Ford Motor Company in America (whose similar model is the Ford Escape), these passenger vehicles were offer a compact SUV with a bit of grunt and Mazdas sporty look at a reasonable price point for the market.

What Is the Body and Interior Layout of a Mazda Tribute?

This model of Mazda SUV is a relatively compact sized sports utility vehicle that offers drivers and passengers:

  • Space and seating inside to seat up to five passengers comfortably
  • Functional interior layouts and designs
  • Five doors (four passenger doors and a lift back to access the storage/boot area)
  • Rear luggage storage space to hold gear and equipment and groceries
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Power windows and mirrors
  • Driver and passenger airbags for safety
  • Alloy wheels.

What Is Under the Bonnet of a Mazda Tribute?

Depending on the model of the vehicle and the year released, the foundations of Mazda Tribute mechanical aspects include:

  • Front or four-wheel drive
  • Engine sizes range from 2.0L four-cylinder engines to 3.0L V6 engines transversely mounted.
  • Transmissions are 4 to 6 speed manual or automatic. Early models featured column shifters for gear changing, but later releases moved to floor shift gear levers.
  • Drum or disc brakes depending on model
  • Petrol fuel systems.

What Uses is the Mazda Tribute Good For?

As a compact sized SUV, the Mazda Tribute combines the best features of a Mazda car with the functionality of a small truck like SUV. They are versatile vehicles that are good for:

  • Easy around town driving and transporting kids and your teammates. The higher profile of an SUV means you have great visibility all around.
  • Towing a trailer, boat, caravan or jet-ski. Models with the larger V6 engines handle especially well with towing a trailer or a load.
  • Off-roading and hunting trips with your mates. The four-wheel drive models can handle any rugged terrain and all the gear you need for camping, hunting or fishing trips.