McCoy Surfboards

Hit the waves with McCoy surfboards

For the discerning surfer, these surfboards are the real McCoy. If you find yourself spending as much time in the wash catching some surf as you do on land, then a McCoy surfboard is a sound investment.

Shaped to crush the surf out at sea, these little rippers are both trad and rad. McCoy surfboards are ideally designed to shred the waves or work as a classic piece of decoration for your home.

McCoy surfboards are also well priced compared to others on the market making them a solid choice for anyone looking to get into surfboarding or for the pro surfers out there hoping to live up to their awesome legacy.

Most surfboards come with the classic ‘thruster 3-fin design which lends a stability to the ride but also aids manoeuvrability through the waves, the outside fins are flat on the outside to increase speed and drive and the centre fin is foiled normally, making it the go-to choice for many shapers, including the great Geoff McCoy.

Handcrafted Surfboards

McCoy pioneered the shaping technique of surfboards in his early career, so each board was shaped to deliver maximum performance. If its a handcrafted Australian surfboard youre after, then youve found the right place.

This is probably why surfing royalty, names like Bruce Raymond, Larry Blair, Cheyne Horan, and many more all came knocking at McCoy Surfboards to make their boards in the past.

The Nugget design

Another famous Geoff McCoy surfboard concept is the famous Nugget design. Used by many contemporaries in the surfing industry these boards have evolved into more practical boards, boasting shorter, wider, and thicker designs that help you own the waves when out surfing.

There are boards galore here on eBay but if you want to ride the crest of a wave on a piece of Australian surfing history then McCoy surfboards are just what youre looking for.