Get creative with Meccano

One of the most well-known brands of toys, Meccano can offer hours of construction fun allowing you to build all sorts weird and wonderful creations. Choose from a great selection of Meccano building sets that incorporate a number of exciting themes, including bridges, cars, robotics, space and trucks.

Different Meccano collection might be suitable for different age groups, from learning the basics of construction to sets with motorised components. Youll be able to explore and discover both modern day and vintage Meccano sets that will add an exciting dimension to playtime, no matter what age you are.

Get to grips with Meccano from a young age

Your little ones are never too young to start enjoying the world of Meccano and you will find lots of different Meccano sets that are suitable for three to four-year-olds, including those that feature cars, robots and buildings.

From vintage sets through to sets that have incorporated a number of popular Disney characters, sets aimed at this age group contain easy to handle building blocks that are easy to link together.

Let their imaginations run wild with construction sets

Within the vast Meccano construction set range, you will also find plenty of building sets and building blocks that will keep five to seven-year-olds entertained for hours. With lots of different models to choose from, your kids will love building and inventing new structures.

Even the adults can play with Meccano too

Youre never too old to discover Meccano. In fact, many older people still play with this historic building toy. This is mainly because many sets are now considered as valuable collectors items. Seeing as the brand has been going for decades, there are many rare sets that have long been out of production.

Much like its blocks obsessed rival LEGO, these toys allow people of all ages to use their imagination building models and contraptions out of simple bits and bobs. Keep the kids entertained for hours whilst spending quality time with them.