Mechanical Computer Keyboards & Keypads

Mechanical Computer Keyboards and Keypads

Computer keyboards, mice, and pointers are all important components of home or office computer setups. A mouse or pointer allows you to interface with your computer, and the keyboard make it possible to quickly and easily create content. There are numerous types of mechanical computer keyboards and keypads available, so you can find one that suits your specific needs.

Mechanical Wired Computer Keyboards and Keypads

Mechanical wired computer keyboards and keypads feature cords that connect the devices directly to computers. Having this connection cable provides power to a keyboard and allows it to send data to the computer. These keyboards work well for desktop computers or stationary workspaces. You can find wired computer keyboards with or without built-in numeric keypads.

Mechanical Wireless Computer Keyboards and Keypads

Mechanical wireless computer keyboards and keypads are a great choice if you like to frequently move your keyboard around or store it out of site when not in use. They work with desktops, and they are also useful with laptops, if you want to have an external keyboard for a more ergonomic workstation. They are also compatible with some tablets. These keyboards and keypads run on batteries. Some feature rechargeable batteries and others require disposable, single-use batteries.

Mechanical USB Computer Keyboards and Keypads

Mechanical USB computer keyboards and keypads come in wired and wireless varieties, but they all connect directly to computer USB ports. Wireless varieties feature small hubs that go into USB ports, and then the wireless keyboards send information to the computers via these hubs.

Mechanical Bluetooth Computer Keyboards and Keypads

Mechanical Bluetooth computer keyboards and keypads use wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with computers or other devices. These types of keyboards work with nearly any device that is Bluetooth capable. This includes many tablets and even smartphones, as well as some desktop and laptop computers. These keyboards are popular choices for gamers, and they are compatible with some gaming consoles.