Medical Endoscopes

Explore Your Endoscope Options on eBay

An endoscope is an important tool to have if you are working for a healthcare facility and need to perform surgery or diagnose a medical condition. Depending on the type you select, you can use it to examine the oaesophagus, bladder, colon, or another part of the body. Look on eBay to find the right type of endoscope for your practice.

How to decide between flexible and rigid endoscopes

The type of affordable endoscope camera you will purchase simply depends on the ways you plan on using the endoscope. The benefit of a flexible device is that it is more comfortable for patients, while a rigid one is useful when you need precision. If you are planning on performing simple procedures while patients are still awake, you may want to consider flexible endoscopes for sale. Healthcare providers who will be working primarily with patients under general anaesthesia may lean towards rigid endoscopy tools.

What features are available on new and used endoscopes?

Thanks to technological advancements, there are all sorts of helpful features that come with endoscopes now. Here are a few to consider:

  • Compatibility with mobile phones: These hook up to a mobile phone, giving them plenty of portability. It is a useful option when you want a mobile endoscope for iPhones or Androids.
  • Display included: If you do not get an endoscope for iPhones or Androids, you may want an endoscope with a screen. This style has a black and white or colour monitor on the handle.
  • Fibre optic lighting: Fibre optic endoscopes use this technology to get plenty of light without being bulky.
  • Additional tool options: Some endoscope cameras may allow you to attach suction pumps or other devices to treat the patient while the device is inserted.
  • Adjustable controls: Find styles with adjustable lighting and shutter speeds to get the images and video that works best for your needs.
Benefits of used endoscopes

This medical equipment can be reused as long as it is properly sanitised, so it is possible to find pre-owned endoscopes. This can be very helpful when your facility is running on a limited budget. You can find cheap endoscope cameras or get devices with more features than you would otherwise be able to afford. If you are already using older equipment, pre-owned endoscope cameras can be a great way to access devices that are compatible with your current equipment even after they are no longer being sold as new items.