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Medical thermometers for your home

It can be scary when a family member falls ill, but with a medical thermometer, you can quickly assess how serious the problem is. Digital thermometers should be the first port of call with medical queries, particularly for children.

A reading above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is a fever, while anything under 95 degrees Fahrenheit indicates hypothermia. Catching these symptoms in time, with a medical thermometer, greatly improves your chance of dealing with sickness and protecting your family.

Digital, infrared medical thermometer brands such as Braun ThermoScan, Omron and Welch Allyn can be found on eBay, as can thermometer accessories such as probe covers. Features to look out for in your medical thermometer include digital displays, waterproof equipment, and infrared and digital technology.

Oral thermometer

Oral thermometers are highly accurate and non-invasive, and are popular for adults and older children. Oral thermometers may come with disposable probe covers.

Ear thermometer

In-ear thermometers are a popular option for children, as they take a reading within a couple of seconds. One of the most popular digital ear thermometers is the infrared Braun ThermoScan, which has an age-adjustment gauge for precision temperature reading. The Omron Gentle Temp 521 is a non-invasive ear thermometer with a light-up display, suitable for use while your child is sleeping.

Non-contact and forehead thermometers

Non-contact or forehead thermometers are particularly useful for sleeping babies or wriggly toddlers! The Omron Mc720 is a popular non-contact infrared thermometer for infants, recording up to 25 readings to monitor your child's health over time and deliver an accurate diagnostic.

Rectal thermometer

A rectal thermometer is perfect for children under 6 who cannot hold an oral thermometer in their mouths. The Welch Allyn SureTemp is a trusted clinical thermometer, and can measure oral or rectal temperature. All rectal thermometers should come with disposable probe covers.

Axillary Thermometer

Axillary, or underarm, medical thermometers are another low-contact method, particularly suitable for older children.

Ovulation Thermometer

Ovulation thermometers with high-temperature accuracy are very helpful in helping couples to conceive. Surgipack's waterproof digital thermometers are highly recommended. Disposable probe covers help to maintain cleanliness.