Meditation Products

Meditation products to help you find stillness

Meditation products can enrichen your spiritual practice. On eBay there are a wide variety of items that are ideal for the beginner and experienced meditation devotees.

Meditation products for on the go

Meditation is a holistic practice that is hugely beneficial to your mind and body. It's possible to practice meditation every day and everywhere. Meditation products like Mala Buddha beads are used for counting mantras, prayers or affirmations, and are ideal for travel. Handmade meditation beads traditionally have 108 beads because this number is considered to be sacred. Choose from quartz crystal or Buddhist wooden Mala beads in a variety of colours. A drawstring travel pouch for your beads is included.

Authentic ‘boading balls' are a type of stress ball also known as Chinese health balls. The palm-size balls are supplied in a pair and are elaborately decorated with classic Oriental details. When rotated in the hand, the heavy metal balls jingle to aid your relaxation practice.

Meditation products for your zen zone

No meditation space would be complete without products that deeply enhance relaxation. Meditation candles that are scented with essential oils produce a soothing aromatherapy fragrance that helps you to be calm and grounded. Incense sticks are also available.

All natural chakra candles are practical meditation products that help you focus during meditation. The large vegetable wax pillar candles are decorated with the vibrant colours of the seven chakra system. Enrich your posture and yoga practice with cushions, mats, and other accessories.

Sound and vibration healing products

Traditional Tibetan singing bowls are one of the most popular meditation products. Choose from a selection of elegant handcrafted bowls in different styles. Frosted quartz crystal singing bowls produce a variety of pleasing vibrations and sounds that aid meditation, energy healing, and space clearing. The bowl is supplied with a sicila gel mallet and a suede covered stick. Harmonic metal bowls that are decorated with inlaid mantras are an alternative option.

Handheld Tibetan singing bells are typically handmade and feature decorative carved designs. The bells are traditionally used during Buddhist meditation.