Keep your car shimmering with a Meguiars

There's nothing as satisfying as a Sunday afternoon washing your car. If you want your car clean, and with a finish like the professionals leave it, look no further than the extensive range of Meguiars' car care products.

Deep cleaning

There is something for every little part of your car in the Meguiars range. When working on the exterior you can use a gentle gel wash that'll clean away the dirt but not strip the wax. As well as the regular weekly cleaning products you can have a deep clean and restoration by using a variety of kits. Your headlights will benefit from the headlight restoration kit, and if you have a convertible you can use the Meguiars comprehensive weatherproofing formula, which will also keep your soft top looking like new.

Polish and wax

The body of your car also needs protection from the elements. Not only will you find a variety of Meguiars car waxes to do this job, you can also buy a polisher which will enable you to polish and wax in half the time. With Polymer paint sealant and top of the range scratch removers, your car will be the envy of your neighbours as it continues to look as good as the day you bought it.

The finishing touches

There are so many jobs to do on your car, get those windows sparkly clean with the Meguiars glass cleaner. The mirrors will shine with the mirror glaze ultra finishing polish. You'll be able to see your face in the hub after using the non-acid wheel and tyre cleaner.

Using Meguiars' car care products, there will be no need to visit the car wash ever wash again. Meguiars' products will give your car the ultimate clean inside and out, even down to handy wipes for your leather seats.