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Melamine Cups and Saucers

Lightweight and affordable, melamine cups and saucers make easy additions to your kitchen. They come in many designs, sizes and colours, and the versatile pieces work well for kids as well as adults. Since they're not as easily breakable as ceramic cups and saucers and you can toss them into the dishwasher without worry, using melamine cups and saucers gives you peace of mind. The pieces stand the test of time if properly cared for, and it's fun to collect colourful melamine cups and dishes.


Cups come in a variety of styles. Select regular sized coffee cups, smaller espresso cups, or opt for tumblers without a handle to serve juice, tea, or soda in. Tumblers work well for kids and are easy to hold. Unbranded melamine cups and saucers come in many colours and designs, including solid styles in black, orange, green, or red or grey. If you want cups a little less basic, pick patterns instead. Floral melamine cups are perfect for serving afternoon tea, while kids' cups embellished with animals or the alphabet are fun for little ones to use. Striking cups feature a black exterior and a red interior while graphic prints of various colours make lively additions to your table.


Cups are just cups without saucers, and whether you buy them together or separately, something about using a saucer just feels a bit sophisticated even if you're just having your everyday coffee. Make each drink special by adding a matching or contrasting melamine saucer to your array of kitchen items. Sauces are generally round, but some come in square shapes, giving them some visual appeal. There are even rectangular and shell-shaped saucers. You can use saucers to place your cup on, lay a used tea bag on, or set snacks or finger sandwiches if you're having guests over.


Purchase melamine sets to get a number of matching melamine cups and saucers, or just multiple numbers of each item. A tumbler set may come with eight, 10 or 12 tumblers in different colours, while a cup and saucer set includes complementary cups and plates that go together. A set geared towards teatime may even come with a matching platter or larger plates to create more variety. Another use for melamine saucers is for dipping, so if you're making appetisers for guests, consider purchasing saucer sets that come with compartmentalised trays for snacks and dips.

About Melamine

Durable and shatter-resistant, melamine is the perfect material for cups and plates. It feels like plastic, but it's much sturdier, which is why many companies use it to make casual dinnerware and plates for children. Though you can use it with hot foods and liquids, you shouldn't put melamine cups or saucers in the microwave or heat it in any way. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher, and since it's affordable, you can easily stock your cabinets with melamine pieces of all shapes, designs and sizes. The pieces are light enough for little ones to pick up or people who find it easier to pick up a lighter cup instead of a porcelain or ceramic piece.

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