Melamine Dinner Sets

Melamine Dinner Sets

Consumers who are in the market for dinnerware find that melamine dinnerware has a lot to offer in the way of variety and style. Melamine plates, bowls and other dinnerware products are extremely durable and come in a number of attractive colour choices, which makes it easy to find that special set for holidays or any other dining need.

Melamine Material

Many consumers may not have a lot of experience with melamine and do not know which type of material is used to create this type of dinnerware. Manufacturers who create melamine products typically use a melamine resin that is mixed with a combination of other materials to increase the overall strength of the material. The end result is a hard plastic that is both strong and lightweight.

Types of Melamine Dinner Sets

Whether it is complete melamine dinnerware sets, contemporary melamine dinnerware sets can find them available in a number of shapes, which makes it easy to match with many existing pieces. Melamine dinnerware sets come in round, oval, square and rectangular shapes and are made available in a vast number of styles as well. Some of the possible choices include Chinese Japanese, country, retro and holiday styles, among others.

Melamine Dinnerware Set Care

People who are new to using melamine dinnerware may want to familiarise themselves with how to care for it. Melamine dinnerware sets do not respond well to chlorine bleach, abrasive cleaners, serrated knives or steel wool scrubbers. Many sets are dishwasher safe, but a number of manufacturers often suggest using light-duty scrubbers and pre-soaking dishes with mild detergents when removing stuck-on food. Most melamine items are not made for use with microwaves or conventional ovens.