Melissa is a globally loved fashion brand for anybody who thrives on finding something different. If you're tired of the same bland footwear designs you see in all the stores, and you want something to really spice your look up - Melissa shoes are for you.

A socially conscious and environmentally aware company, Melissa strives to make the world a better place - one shoe at a time. One thing is for sure, your wardrobe and your whole look will be a better place when you slip your feet into some of the incredible Melissa designs.

Whatever your taste in footwear - especially if you're on the quirky side - Melissa has the perfect items to add to your wardrobe, and they're all here on eBay for you to enjoy.

Unique, modern designs

Melissa women's shoes could be called many things, but boring is not one of them. Unique? Absolutely. Quirky? Definitely. Full of fun and inspiration? No question! Melissa shoes are the footwear range for the modern woman who has her own unique sense of what looks and feels great.

When you really want to make an impression and show the world that you're happiest doing things a little differently, Melissa shoes are perfect. From the understated comfort of a simple pair of sandals to the downright zaniness Melissa's more risqué wedge and heel designs. Uniqueness is guaranteed. So, if your fashion style is a little left of centre and you're always looking for something whimsical and amazing to add to your look - check out the truly eclectic, eccentric and beautiful designs on offer from Melissa.

Slippers and Sandals

Summer is a big part of our lives, and shoes for summer are a massive part of the Melissa range. The range of slippers and sandals from Melissa is extremely diverse. You've got very casual, effortless designs for a more conservative look, but there's also plenty of unique styles that are bound to get tongues wagging.

Some of the designs on offer here are created to capture your imagination and give you a feeling of being transported to a magical world. A world where there's no traditions and expectations - just fun, laughter and good times. Rainbows, flowers, cute bows and extremely unusual creations are here for your enjoyment. So, when you're looking for slippers or sandals that really speak to your unique personality, take a trip through the Melissa range and see what treasures you can find!

Casual comfort

One of the great things about the Melissa range is their collaborations with famous artists. These collaborations result in everything from the beautiful to the strange to the truly wonderful. This is certainly evident in their range of casual shoes.

Whether its platform sneakers, slip on canvas shoes with eclectic patterns or sneakers with odd plastic-look straps, you'll be truly amazed by the variety on offer. Every woman needs a great pair of flats too, and Melissa has your back here. From cute designs like Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse through to more elegant floral flats that would go fabulously with the most glamorous evening dresses, there's flats to please everyone.

Made with comfort and eclectic fashion choices in mind, if you make Melissa your first choice for casual shoes, you're guaranteed to impress your friends with your unique style.

Heels and wedges

Whether you love heels or not, there's simply some occasions where they're essential. Think weddings, formal occasions and Spring Carnival events. If these are your sorts of playgrounds, you're going to need a few great pairs of heels or wedges in your collection.

One of the complaints many women have with heels though, is that they can often be quite generic and bland. If you feel that way, you have come to the right enchanted magic place. The world of Melissa footwear provides some incredible heel and wedge styles that you can guarantee will make you stand out in any crowd.

The revolutionary style choices that fill the Melissa collection will make you wonder why more footwear brands aren't creating different, beautiful shoes that can really become a feature of your outfit. From bright, loud colours to unique cuts and strap styles, you can count on Melissa to make your footwear the highlight of any outfit you choose for your next event!

Funky boots

Once again, Melissa delivers something different when it comes to boots. You can be assured of one thing - if you're a fan of jeans, funky skirts and any other outfit that goes great with boots - you'll probably be the only on in your social circle rocking a cool pair of Melissa boots. And they'll be noticed too - we'd be absolutely shocked if people weren't begging you tell them where your awesome, funky boots came from!

Melissa baby collection

Why should adults have all the fun when it comes to cute, magical shoe designs? Melissa thinks the kids deserve something a little bit special too, and they've come up with some of the most gorgeous little shoes for kids.

Sandals with inspiration taken from the world around us - the sun, the stars, the moon and flowers in the field, kids will absolutely love these cute slip-on designs that are functional, durable, and easy for the young ones to slip on and off. Not that they'll want to take them off too much, because they're just so cool!

There's a few sneaker styles as well, but the beauty of these gorgeous kid's shoes is really in the slip-on and sandal varieties. No matter what your child's interests, there's bound to be a shoe here that really speaks to your little one's unique personality. Whether it's insects, rainbows, flowers, cute animals, or a whole bunch of fun Disney characters, you can make your child's day today with the most funky little shoes they'll ever own!

Sustainable and eco friendly

We're all big on clothing and footwear companies now who do their bit to look after the world around us, and Melissa are definitely one of those. The brand's parent company Grendene are leaders in the field of sustainability. From zero-waste factories, to 100% vegan shoes, Melissa is more than doing their part.

If you want to support a great company doing great things, you'll feel great about yourself and end up with some incredible footwear in the process. Start shopping for Melissa today!