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Got one to sell?

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Puff out your favourite tunes with melodicas

There are 5 different types of melodica available. This ranges from the soprano, tenor, alto, bass and accordina. The type of melodica that you choose will ultimately depend on type of instrument that you want to play. A Hohner melodica can play a huge range of music with a unique sound. As an instrument, it is very similar to a harmonica, however, it can also be compared to a piano as well. The reed and sound that the melodica creates are all dependent on the mouthpiece and the amount of air that the user forces through.

Types of melodica

The melodica, in the soprano form, is the highest pitched instrument available in the melodica range. The alto is lower than this and they are usually played with two different hands on the keys. The alto melodica can also be used to play in the range of a soprano. The tenor is even lower in pitch and it is played with one hand on the keyboard. The rarest is the accordina and this is the most expensive as well.

There's a number of vintage melodicas to be found too, these will not only have a good sound, but make great additions to a musical collection.

Sound and reeds

The reed of the melodica will depend on the type of instrument you buy. A tenor melodica will have a different setup when compared to a soprano melodica and as a beginner, the tenor is the easiest one to learn. The soprano is ideal for those who are more experienced and they are also ideal for those who want to play in a full orchestra. A melodica that is more expensive will give you a much better sound and it will also have more complicated functions that help to really deliver both body and volume to the instrument. A beginner instrument may be easier to play with less responsive keys so that they aren't pressed by accident.

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