Memory Foam Travel Pillows

Memory Foam Travel Pillows

Long bus, train, or boat trips as well as flights may require you to catch some sleep in inconvenient positions. While it is not possible to change the shape of the seat, you can contribute to your sleep quality by carrying a comfortable travel pillow in your luggage. Among the many travel pillow types - inflatable, micro bead, towel-lie pillows - the memory foam pillow stands out for its features that provide good sleep anywhere you happen to be.

What are the Benefits of Memory Foam Travel Pillows?

Memory foam is viscoelastic polyurethane foam, consisting of polyurethane and some other chemicals that increase its viscosity. The open cell structure of memory foam helps to reduce pressure points and the material is popular for mattresses. As a pillow, the memory foam changes its shape and moulds exactly to your head. However, this is not its only benefit.

  • Neck support: The structure of memory foam makes for firm pillows that provide consistent support, thus helping to reduce strain.
  • Compact:  The holes inside memory foam can compress, so a memory foam travel pillow fits neatly inside your luggage. When compressed, they are about half their original size.

What Extra Features Could Memory Foam Travel Pillows Have?

A typical travel pillow has a U-shape, fitting around your neck. However, modern travel pillows often have some extra features that make them special and transform any trip into a comfortable one.

  • Vents for cooling: Some memory foam pillows include vents for air circulation. If you combine with moisture-wicking fabric, they keep the sleeper cool.
  • Side pockets: You can tuck your mobile phone inside a side pocket to listen to music while drifting off to sleep or for safekeeping.

What is Inside a Travel Pillow Kit?

Obviously, the travel pillow itself is the most important thing to have for a good sleep during your trip. Many memory foam pillows are parts of kits that include some useful extra accessories.

  • Earplugs: If you are a light sleeper, having earplugs as a part of the pillow kit is useful. This way, you always have them at hand when needed.
  • Pillow bag: A special bag to carry the pillow keeps it clean and if the bag has drawstrings, it is also easy to carry. The bag is also crucial if the kit includes some other extras.
  • Eye mask: An eye mask is essential if the light bothers you and ruins your sleep. With a mask, you can sleep anywhere undisturbed.
  • Pillow cover: A removable cover is easy to wash and thus extends the lifespan of a memory foam pillow.