Men's Accessories

Add the finishing touch with these great men's accessories

Accessories really can make or break an outfit. The right pair of men's sunglasses or the perfect tie and shirt combination can make a good look a great look. Here are some basic guidelines to help you shop for men's accessories online on eBay so you can find a look you love.

Match your belt, shoes and wallet

A simple trick that makes your outfit look planned, rather than thrown together, is to wear the same colour wallet, shoes, and belt. If your outfit is earth toned – with browns, greens, oranges – then brown leather accessories tend to work well. If you’ve gone for a black or grey toned outfit, then pick black leather. And for blues and reds, you’ll often find that navy accessories work best.

Picking a tie

Before you start shopping for a tie, do two things: look in the mirror, and look in your wardrobe. What will you be wearing the tie with? What colour is your suit and shirt? Earth tones, grey/black tones, or blue tones?

When you look in the mirror, note the contrast level of your skin to your hair and eyebrows. Is there a big shade contrast between them? You’ll want to match the approximate contrast level of your face with your shirt/tie contrast. So, for example, if your skin is pale and your hair very dark, you might pick a high contrast combination of a pale shirt and dark tie. Whereas if your skin is dark and your hair also dark, you might aim for a lower contrast combination of pale shirt and pale patterned tie.

A general rule of thumb is to pick a tie that’s darker than your shirt (keeping contrast levels in mind). Go with something patterned if the shirt is plain, and plain if the shirt is patterned. You don’t have to follow these rules, of course – these are just guidelines to help if you’re uncertain.

Whatever your style, find the pieces you need to make it all work on eBay today.