Men’s Backpacks

Of all the different men’s bags and briefcases, one of the most common types has to be the humble backpack. Whether you’re a student or a traveller, a backpack offers you a convenient way to transport everything you’re going to need for the day. While plenty of backpacks are designed to be unisex, men’s backpacks feature sizes and styles more commonly associated with men.

Backpack Storage and Pockets

Given their sole purpose is to carry things for you, storage space is critical when picking a pack. Regardless if it’s to fit all your study books or carry around your IT equipment, you want a pack that has enough space to carry your gear around. However, throwing it all together can make finding things a nightmare so strategic pockets or an organisational panel is invaluable. Some bags even have a dedicated pocket for your laptop with added padding to keep the precious device safe. In addition, side water bottle pockets are ideal for those travelling or on the move.

Comfortable to Carry

If you plan on carrying your pack for a long time, you want to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. One way is with padded backpack straps or a padded back panel that can lessen any discomfort of carrying stuff around. Padded handles also allow you to comfortably carry the bag with one hand if necessary.

Zipper or Drawcord

To keep things safe, bags typically close in one of two ways. The more traditional style is with a rucksack opening at the top of the bag which is closed by a drawcord. Far more common today though is by using a series of zippers for a more secure pack.

Backpack Styles

Since a backpack can be used in all sorts of scenarios, you can find bags in different styles and designs. A big choice is which material you’d prefer, with plenty of options like men’s leather backpacks or men’s canvas backpacks. Aside from the material, bags come in different styles such as military, skater or even with luminous designs.