Men's Bags & Briefcases

Men's Bags and Briefcases

Every man needs a bag to carry his things around either at an airport, in a gym, to the office, or when fleeing to a weekend getaway. With many men's bags and briefcases available, choosing the right one might seem taunting. However, if you know the basic types and their features, you can pick a bag or briefcase that matches your personality and serves you well for years.


A men's backpack is a favourite option thanks to its comfort. The shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, leaving your hands free. Canvas, nylon, and polyester bags are durable and often also waterproof. Leather backpacks bring some more style into your outfit and look great with suits. Many backpacks feature a special compartment for a laptop to keep it protected. Side pockets for a water bottle and small front pocket for tiny items are often features as well.

Messenger Shoulder Bags

Like a backpack, the men's messenger shoulder bag fits many things, and these too can come with a separate compartment for storing your laptop. As you need to wear the messenger bag on one shoulder, use it when carrying lighter loads, as it would be too strenuous otherwise. The main benefit of a messenger bag is the easy access to its contents. The most common materials include canvas and leather, the latter being a feature on more formal options. These bags look best with chinos, button-downs, and boots.


Briefcases have the aura of professionalism. Their shape is perfect for carrying documents and laptops, and some have locks to protect the contents. They can be soft or hard, depending on the material. Soft leather cases are something you often see at the universities, where the professors use them. Hard leather or aluminium cases are sturdier, but also heavier loads to carry. They stand out for being waterproof.

Duffel Bags

The duffel bag, or weekender, is perfect for carrying clothing and small men's toiletry bags inside. These bags have more space than backpacks and are the go-to option if you need to go to a weekend trip or to the gym. Note that you need to carry these bags with one hand, so they are not the most convenient ones.