Your feet support you all day, every day, so why not offer them a little support in return? A quality pair of socks goes a long way to providing the comfort and protection your feet deserve, not to mention odour-resistant benefits for the people around you. And when we talk about a quality option for Australian men, it's hard to go past the great range of Bamboo socks available on eBay.

Select your style

Which type of socks are the best fit for you? It depends on your lifestyle of course, but there's a good chance you need a variety of different styles to get you through a day at work, a lazy afternoon at home, a night out on the town or even a session at the gym. Fortunately there's a pair for every occasion, so you have a choice between casual, dress, ankle, low cut and loose top socks. Casual bamboo socks for men are made with antibacterial Bamboo fibre and offer the ideal solution for everyday life.Bamboo work socks and Bamboo dress socks for men are also a premium quality, odour-resistant alternative to walk with you in and out of meetings or when the social function calls for your best attire. They're soft yet stylish, organically grown yet remarkably breathable. For the active man, try Bamboo low-cut or ankle sports socks. They might be invisible, but you'll feel the difference. Of course when winter comes along, you'll want to keep those feet feeling nice and warm with thick, heavy duty, cushion socks.

Packs, sizes and colours

You can buy all different Bamboo socks styles individually or in multi-packs of 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 14. With your socks it's definitely a case of size matters, so make sure you choose either sizes 6-11 for smaller feet or 11-14 for bigger feet. Concerned about colour? Mix and match as often as you like with black, white, blue, blue, grey, beige, polka dots and just about any shade or pattern you desire.