Men's Braces

Keep you pants high and right with men's braces from eBay

Wearing the right clothes isn't always quite enough. A gentleman needs the best accessories to really look tip top.

Why does a fireman wear red suspenders? To keep his pants from falling down.

Just like that classic joke, it was not too long ago that wearing braces or suspenders was more of a practicality than anything else. While today’s braces still serve that most basic of functions, they’ve also emerged as a practical, classy, and stylish fashion trend for many men.


Before the belt took over, men’s braces were used to hold up pants. From the 1920s they were button-on work attire, made from leather or strong cotton. Big checks, wide stripes, and other novelty designs increased in popularity during the late 1930s, while the clip-on didn’t come into style until the 40s.

Buttons or clips?

There are generally two types of suspenders and braces available. Button-on ones are pretty formal, requiring six buttons inside the waistband to attach them to. Clip-on ones on the other hand are a lot more casual and versatile, easily attaching to the waistband of almost any type of trousers, jeans, pants, or shorts.

Thin or thick?

Width is more important than many men realise. Thin suspenders have a more casual look, while classic wide style braces are reserved for more formal occasions.

X back or Y back

Both X and Y shape suspenders will hold your pants up just as efficiently, but X-back braces sometimes provide a bit more support at the back due to the additional strap. While Y-back suspenders may not give the same support, many think they look better without the extra back strap. The key to wearing men’s braces with a Y back is to ensure they are attached perfectly in the middle.

The only rule with braces and suspenders is to ensure you never wear them if you’re already wearing a belt on your pants. It’s a huge fashion faux pas.

Whether you want some for a formal event, a special occasion, or just for everyday wear, eBay has an impressive range of men’s braces and suspenders available.