Men's Button Front Casual Shirts

Some men's clothing, such as button-front casual shirts, have a relaxed look and feel. That's because these shirts have more room built into the chest and waist areas. Compared to business and dress shirts, you can leave a casual shirt untucked when you enjoy downtime at the bar or at home with family and friends. Select from themed button-down shirts in fabrics to suit your lifestyle and tastes.

What sleeve lengths are available?

Wear button-front short-sleeve casual shirts in the summer as a standalone top or throw them on in winter by layering your clothing. Many have a turndown collar and single or double breast patch pockets. Add a blazer when you want to change your look from casual to formal. Some men prefer to wear long-sleeve casual shirts all year to protect their skin from the summer sun or to add warmth in winter. Plus, long-sleeved shirts give you the option of rolling up the sleeves for a totally different look. Many shirts have squared-off hems that cover your belt and are meant to be worn untucked.

What shirt themes can you find?

Choose a themed shirt, such as a bowling design or a solid-coloured or patterned shirt, for everyday attire. If you're a biker, consider a Harley Davidson design. On the other hand, a safety shirt that has reflective 3M tape would work for wear in hazardous work areas. Casual work shirts are also available in attractive colours like khaki, orange and navy. Likewise, modern-looking shirts may have a slim fit. A polo shirt is a mainstay for sports enthusiasts, such as golfers, tennis players and anyone who enjoys cooking on the backyard barbie.

How do you choose a shirt material?

Shirts made from 100 percent cotton or cotton blends are cooler on the skin on hotter days. In wintertime, you'll want the extra warmth that corduroy, flannel or suede provides. Along with cotton blends, polyester and silk blend fabrics are less likely to wrinkle and are ready to wear out of the dryer. Dress up your wardrobe by adding 100 percent silk button-front casual shirts in festive designs, such as peacock blue, Hawaiian prints and bold stripes.