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Men’s Canvas Duffle Gym Bags

Men’s canvas duffle gym bags are a convenient way to carry all of your workout essentials. The big main compartment provides plenty of storage space and the canvas means that it can stand up to hauling gear day in, day out.

Duffle Design

The duffle bag is named after the town of Duffel in Belgium. Originally the name didn’t refer to the shape of the bag but to the thick canvas cloth used to make it. Duffel bags could be any shape. Today, though, a duffle is a large soft-sided cylindrical bag, usually built with a pair of handles at the top and a shoulder strap. The versions used by soldiers in the First and Second World Wars, where the duffle bag became popular, also closed with a rope cinch, but most modern duffle bags have a zip or buckles instead. The ease with which you can grab a canvas duffle gym bag and go makes it perfect for squeezing in a quick trip to the gym.


Canvas is a tough, plain-woven fabric usually made from cotton, linen or hemp. Its tight weave gives it natural resistance against the wind and rain. The strength of canvas means that bags made from it can carry a lot of weight without splitting open. Many duffle bags are made from other materials. Polyester duffle gym bags are just as tough as their cotton canvas equivalents, while leather duffle gym bags are a more refined option than rugged canvas ones.


Apart from its durability, the main strength of a duffle bag is just how much stuff you can fit in one. The single large compartment gives you plenty of space for gym clothes and workout equipment. There is a good reason why they are sometimes called holdalls. Many duffle bag designs also have separate end pockets, so you can keep some of your things separately if you need to. The combination of carrying handles and a shoulder strap also makes it easy to carry.

Alternative Bags

The canvas duffle is a classic, but it isn’t suitable for every occasion. Luckily, there are plenty of other types of men’s bags and briefcases to choose from. Leather satchels and briefcases fill the same role at the office that the canvas duffle does at the gym, providing plenty of storage space and portability. The weekender bag is a lot like a more refined duffle bag, typically made from leather and more structured than the duffle’s soft cylinder but with the same large internal space and versatility.

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