Men's Credit Card Wallets

With society moving from a predominantly cash based system to mostly using cards for payments, it's not necessary to carry a bulky men's wallet. While there are many great wallets for men, when you only need to carry a debit card, credit card and driving license, having a dedicated card holder is ideal.

What are the Benefits of a Credit Card Wallet?

The main advantages of using a credit card holder wallet are:

  • Less bulk: You can take just the cards you need for the day when you leave the house so you're not carrying unnecessary bulk.
  • Pocket friendly: Regular wallets for men don't often fit easily into your pocket but a card wallet can slide into your back pocket easily. This is especially convenient when you are wearing tight pants or jeans.
  • Lightweight: With just a few cards in your credit card wallet, there will barely be any weight.
  • Visibility: It is much easier to find the card you are looking for rather.

Are There Different Styles of Card Holders?

Different styles include:

  • Bi-fold wallet: This type of wallet folds but opens up to allow you to put cards in. They usually come with a lot of slots so you can carry numerous cards.
  • Anti-scanning case or wallet: These wallets help safeguard against skimming theft.
  • Money clip: Money clip wallets with credit cards are small cases that hold cards and bank notes and slide onto your pockets for extra security.
  • Purse wallet: A purse wallet is like a folder with plastic sleeves to hold your cards. You can open and close it with a snap button.

What Materials Do Credit Card Wallets Use?

Credit card wallets come in different materials such as:

  1. Leather: Men's leather wallets always look smart and you can find leather bi-fold, anti-scan wallets or purse wallets. You can also find faux leather if you are looking for a cheaper option.
  2. Aluminium: Anti-scanning cases and money clips use aluminium.
  3. Canvas: A cheaper and more casual looking credit card holder can use canvas.