Men's Cufflinks

Mens Cufflinks

Add polish to any formal or upscale look by buttoning up mens cufflinks. Beautiful accessories that draw the eye, you can use cufflinks instead of buttons to accessorise your shirt. This is typical if youre wearing semiformal or formal clothing, and many men opt for the pieces for weddings or other special occasions. The great part about wearing cufflinks is they allow you to add some personality to your look and customise it a bit, as there are many designs and types to pick from.


Considered mens jewellery, cufflinks are fun to wear and serve a functional purpose. However, not all cufflinks are the same, as there are several distinct types to pick from that may factor into your buying decision. Some of the most popular types of cufflinks are toggle options that have a post on the back to allow easy use. Other types to consider include stud cufflinks, which offer the most stability, as well as a more traditional type of cufflink, the chain link option that has a more relaxed fit. Locking cufflinks are cool and fun to wear, with an array of designs available.


As with any other jewellery, cufflinks come in many metal options. For a durable, practical, and sleek design, opt for mens stainless steel cufflinks. Other options include classic sterling silver, titanium, which is exceedingly strong, or gunmetal, which has a cool look. For formal occasions requiring a more traditional look, theres always gold, but platinum is a chic alternative. Glass makes for visually appealing jewellery, and if you pick fabric cufflinks, choose silk due to its shiny, sophisticated appearance. For a put-together look, match your cufflinks to your rings, watch or other jewellery youre wearing.


Pick cufflinks with precious stones and enjoy a bit of bling at your wrist. These are flexible options that come in a wide variety of designs, including clear crystal cufflinks that sparkle and shine, or coloured gems like breathtaking mother-of-pearl, solid black agate or luxurious sapphire, diamond, amethyst or even pearl. Add a Western touch to your look with turquoise cufflinks or stick to the natural appeal of hematite cufflinks. If budget is a factor, rhinestones or cubic zirconias look the part without the price tag. Choose stones depending on your birthstone, the rest of your outfit or your personal preference and make an impact.


Cufflinks come in many choices; you arent stuck with just a few options. You can pick enamel cufflinks that feature the logo of your favourite superhero for a fun touch, or for a wedding, consider buying groomsmen engraved cufflinks. Monogrammed cufflinks add a personal touch to your look, and steampunk styles look modern and trendy. Express your personality wearing everything from Star Wars cufflinks to simple silver Tiffany & Co. designs.