Men's Electric Shavers

Men's Electric Shavers

Men tired of razor cuts, a drawer full of safety razors, and shaving cream turn to using electric shavers as an alternative hair removal product. You have a variety of shavers to choose from, including cordless, rechargeable and combination wet/dry models so you can shave cleanly and save time doing so. Additionally, you can purchase ones that include multiple grooming features in one compact unit.


When you're travelling, it's easy to grab a cordless electric shaver and place it into a travel bag without hunting for the cord. You can stash one into the glove compartment of your vehicle or a desk drawer for quick shaves on the go. Additionally, you don't have to keep a close eye on whether the cord gets too close to a water source—a dangerous prospect for electrocution.


Equally as handy as a cordless shaver, rechargeable electric shavers usually have a 30-minute or more runtime before needing a recharge. For convenience, most models come with a recharging stand and A/C power adapter that fits easily on top of a sink. Other models are powered by one or two rechargeable batteries that you recharge using a battery charger.


The versatility of owning a wet/dry electric shaver means you can shave while taking a shower without pulling everything you need from under the sink. Conversely, men with sensitive skin can use the same wet/dry shaver and add shaving cream for a more comfortable shave without getting nicks from standard single or double-edge blade.


In addition to the benefits of using a cordless, rechargeable or wet/dry model, electric shavers may include an attachment such as a hair trimmer to trim your sideburns and beard. Some include a built-in beard guide that allow you to dial in a preferred length such as a 3-day stubble, short beard, or a long beard. Additionally, all-in-one grooming sets include trimmers to remove hair from the nose, ears and eyebrows, as well as other areas of the body, such as the chest and underarms.