Men's Exercise Compression & Base Layers

Speed up recovery with mens exercise compression and base layers

Crossing the 10k finish line in under 40 minutes. Slaughtering the other team in footy. Sliding into the splits for the first time. Whatever personal best you’re aiming for, perform better and recover faster with the great range of mens exercise compression and base layers available here on eBay.

Explore the benefits of mens compression clothing

The benefits of compression garments are so good, you may think you’re cheating just by pulling on a pair of sleeves. All compression garments help to increase blood circulation and oxygenation to improve your sporting prowess. They’re also thought to help improve proprioception, which is your ability to know where your body is positioned. This is believed to improve the efficiency of your exercise. Compression exercise clothing may help to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, making your post exercise recovery all that much faster. If you’re prone to strains and sprains, compression wear can help you recover faster, too. Due to the fact that blood flows to the least compressed areas of the body, a compression garment can be constructed with a gradient of compression to encourage blood flow to reach certain areas of the body.

Compression clothing may even be more comfortable for exercise than regular work out gear. You can definitely be sure you’re not going to have to fidget or pull at your clothes to keep them sitting in the right place. They can also reduce chafing and friction. Certain compression shorts even include a pocket for a cup in case you need groin protection during contact sports.

While you’re looking for new men’s fitness, running, and yoga clothing to add to your rotation, don’t hesitate to check out the range of men’s exercise shirts. Whatever your sport or physical challenge may be, keep it tight thanks to the extensive range of mens exercise compression and base layers available here on eBay today.