Once the domain of athletes, gym junkies and tradesmen, men’s fleece pants, also known as track suit pants, have made it to the big league. Now every man can enjoy the comfort and warmth that they provide at very reasonable prices. Even the brand name alternatives are still relatively affordable for anyone.

Whether living the outdoor life on the ski slopes, working out at the gym or just working or relaxing around the home, these comfortable pants are a great option. They usually have an elasticised waist, sometimes with an adjustable drawstring, and handy side pockets. They come in such a wide variety of colours and styles, it would be difficult not to find a pair to suit even the fussiest buyer.

The Advantages of Fleece

Despite its name, fleece fabric is not made from the sheep’s coat of the same name. Believe it or not, it is a synthetic material made from polyester or plastic that has been brushed to make it very soft to the touch. Because it also possesses the magical qualities of warmth and moisture wicking, it became popular in the 1990s for use in sportswear and outdoor gear. It is able to hold in warmth and dispel water without adding much weight to a garment.

Other advantages of fleece lie in its easy-care qualities. It is light, machine washable and quick to dry. It doesn’t itch, which its counterpart wool can often do, and is comfortable to wear whether you’re tearing up the ski slopes or lazing on the sofa.

It has been used for everything from baby clothes to earmuffs and owes it popularity largely to this versatility. When it comes to using fleece for clothing, the possibilities are truly endless. It can be found in pretty much any colour you can imagine. Men’s fleece pants are the perfect end user experience for this versatile material.

Grab a pair, or two, or three, from an eBay seller today, and feel the difference for yourself.