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Men's Golf Gloves

Like all other sports, golf requires specific equipment in order to achieve maximum results. Men's golf gloves give you the grip you need and keeps your club from slipping. Give your hands traction no matter what type of grip you have and avoid a slip-up that could cost you the shot. Available in different colours and materials, gloves work together with men's golf clothing to help elevate your performance and keep you comfortable throughout the 18 holes of the green.


Golf gloves should be comfortable, flexible and a bit sticky. This means that though there are fabric golf gloves for men, most gloves are leather, since leather provides a good amount of traction between your hand and the club. However, there are also microfibre options as well as polyester golf gloves. To choose the best glove fabric for you, consider comfort as well as conditions. It may be a good idea to have a leather glove as well as a fabric or synthetic glove on hand, because on a hot day you may not want to wear leather, or it may just depend on the shot itself.


Popular golf brands like Mizuno, Callaway, Srixon and Adidas carry a wide range of gloves to meet every need. If you're brand loyal, opt for your favourite company, or select a brand based on product reviews, price, or glove design. Some brands, like Mizuno, offer specific gloves geared towards outdoor conditions, such as rain gloves, while Taylormade's gloves are all-weather options. Srixon gives you multipacks of gloves so you always have one on hand if you tend to misplace them, and Nike makes a line of tour gloves modelled after the ones pro players use.


A glove is rarely just a glove. Even the simplest golf gloves have features you can't necessarily see simply by looking at them. Some gloves offer added support and stretch, while some add a bit of mesh for breathability. Choose gloves with finger perforations to enhance comfort and gloves with an elastic band around the wrist to ensure the glove stays put and fits properly. Adjust and customise the fit of your gloves when you select styles that offer a Velcro closure. Gloves that use a blend of materials in specific spots, such as moisture-wicking fabric in between fingers, create a ventilated glove that feels dry and comfortable.


Since most golfers only wear one glove, select a right-handed glove if you shoot with your left hand, or a left-handed glove if you tee off with your right. Some players prefer the feel of wearing two gloves, so that's an option to keep in mind. Size is also a consideration, and most golf gloves come in a range of sizes to fit every hand. Finding the perfect fit ensures the best grip and keeps you comfortable.