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Men's Golf Pants

Men’s Golf Pants

Golf is considered a gentleman’s sport. And like with any sport, the type of golf clothing you choose must be in line with the sport. You don’t want to look out of place while on the golf course. Men’s golf pants in particular can be difficult to choose, especially for a new golfer. Your choice of golf pants needs to align with a certain criteria that will help you perform on the course.


As a golfer the last thing you want while on the golf course are pants that are too baggy or tight. Good pants should fit perfectly are comfortable to wear. Consider the rise of the pants; classic pants have a rise that is positioned at the natural waist while current pants have a rise that sits approximately one and a half inches below the belly button. The right pants give you the ability to swing the club in any direction without feeling restricted. Consequently, this also affects your score. Squatting, lunging and bending should also be possible without compromising on comfort.

Type of Fabric and Comfort

Men’s golf pants are mainly made out of polyester, cotton or a blend of the two fabrics. This is because these fabrics are breathable, lightweight, flexible and absorb moisture. The same fabrics are also used to make men’s golf shorts. Good fabric should not start to fade after a few washes. The stitching of the seams of quality golf pants should not irritate or chafe your skin. Furthermore, the fabric affects how the pants feel when they rub against the skin. Any noticeable gaps, bulges and damage on the seams could mean that the pants are not durable. Double or even triple stitches are indicators of quality design. Polyester golf pants are usually cheaper than those made out of cotton.


Not only do you want to feel comfortable, you also want to look good while on the golf course. Generally, golf attires are fashionable. For every golf pant you select there will be a golf shirt and a pair of shoes that are designed to give you a polished look. However, cuffs on pants should be avoided as they attract dust. With the wide variety of colours, modern and classic fits and bold prints available, how stylish you will look is only limited by your creativity.

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