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Men's Golf Shoes

As with sports like football or soccer, there are specific shoes for golf. Wearing men's golf shoes can enhance your playing experience, as well as reduce the chance of injury. Stay comfortable, look stylish and elevate your game with shoes meant for the green. Compatible with men's golf clothing, golf shoes come in an array of colours, brands and designs, so select shoes based on your budget as well as personal preference.


Although, traditionally all golf shoes came with spikes, today's trends have veered towards spikeless. Both options are readily available, and you may wonder what the benefits are of wearing spiked versus spikeless shoes. Essentially, spiked shoes look like they have cleats on the bottom, similar to the way football shoes look. Spikeless shoes do not feature these same cleats, but they may have small nubs or studs on the soles as an alternative. Consider the course and terrain you play on as you purchase; spiked shoes may offer superior traction over spikeless shoes, especially during inclement weather. However, spikeless may provide more comfort long-term.


Most athletic brands create their own version of golf shoes, including Nike, Puma and Adidas. Styles range from sporty to sleek, and branded shoes feature the iconic logos of the companies they represent, such as the Adidas stripes or the Nike swoosh. FootJoy golf shoes look almost like boat shoes or saddle shoes, and provide a casual, laid-back feel, while Adidas shoes look similar to traditional sneakers. Crocs provides its own line of comfort golf shoes, and durable athletic brand ASICS brings its technology to the table to create top-of-the-line shoes jammed with features.


Golf shoes aren't your ordinary sports shoe. Built for the green, golf shoes offer enhancements tailored specifically to the golf game. Look for shoes with interior padding for all-day comfort, as well as moisture-wicking materials that keep your feet cool on hot days. For a custom fit and feel, choose a brand that offers several fits, including medium, wide and extra wide so your shoes fit you perfectly to ensure comfort. Lightweight designs feel like air as you jog from hole to hole, and water-resistant designs repel water and keep you dry and your shoes spotless even when it's soggy on the green. An inner mesh bootie performs as a sock to fit your foot perfectly and allow your feet to breathe.


Leather golf shoes for men are a popular option but leather isn't your only choice when it comes to shoe shopping. Soft, lightweight microfibre is another fabric to consider, as the fabric feels good and won't weigh you down. A blend of microfibre and leather works well, but there are also mesh, suede and canvas styles. A blend of fabrics provides the perfect shoe, and you get the benefits of the fabrics working together to provide maximum comfort and performance.