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Men's Hats

Hats aren’t for everyone, but sometimes a good snapback or beanie can add that little bit of attitude your outfit needs. These accessories have been around for quite some time, and not only can they make a good fashion statement, but they are also practical as well. Going fishing? Throw on a fishing or bucket hat to keep your face, neck, and head protected from the blazing sun at all angles. If you’re going for that industrial era hipster look, then a newsboy cap in classic tweed brown completes your outfit.

Baseball Caps

The sheer number of design and colour options for men's baseball caps will not leave you wanting. Just like runners, these caps were first used solely for sports but instantly became a popular fashion accessory. Choose between thousands of team caps in various colours. Some even come in sets of up to 7 colour combinations, so you can finally show your support for the Melbourne Aces no matter what. The most common fastener is a snapping strap, but other designs use garters for added comfort.


Men's beanies are indispensable for those cold nights out. Despite their simple designs, beanies come in a surprising number of options. There’s the classic rib knit beanie, which looks like a bowl made of fabric whose lip can be folded upwards for a tighter fit. These are great ways to keep your ears, head, and upper neck warm. Other beanie designs have thick, ribbed lips sometimes with knit patterns that provide warmth and add visual interest. One notably wacky design is the dreadlock beanie complete with a thick, knit beard. It’s a good way to keep your entire head warm.

Snapbacks and Trucker Hats

Snapbacks typically have flat visors and a deep crown that look fashionable when worn properly or backwards. They often are made of a thick fabric for durability. Trucker hats are much like baseball hats, but the rear portion of the crown features a mesh material, typically nylon, which makes it a breathable option for casual wear.