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The Fit

While women tend to choose a certain fit of jeans to either accentuate or hide their curves, men can pretty much wear any fit of jeans and still carry it off. With men’s jeans, choosing the right fit can be less about body type, and more about what the jeans will be used for. So, what fits are available in men’s jeans? Some of the more popular fits include skinny fit, classic fit, relaxed fit, bootcut and baggy fit. There are also more tailored styles for more dressy occasions. The key to finding the right fit really comes down to finding the fit that’s comfortable for the occasion.   Brands often size their fits differently, so what may work with one brand may not work with another. When trying on jeans, be sure to find the right size. Men tend to buy jeans that are too large, but this means they generally don’t wear well. Try a size smaller than usual and see how it sits. While the waistband shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight, there shouldn’t be more than two fingers’ worth of room there. Getting the right fit can also involve trying on different styles. While skinny jeans can be a scary concept for some men, they can be incredibly flattering if worn correctly.

The Style

Choosing jeans often means choosing between classic denim blues. However, there is more to men’s jeans that just blue. For a look that lasts into the evening, darker jeans can provide a dressier feel, but don’t be afraid to try colour as well. Also think about style accents such as cuffs and pockets. Design details can help accentuate and hide. Fussy pockets can accentuate areas that perhaps should stay hidden – like butts and guts – while cuffs can help elongate legs. It can also be a good idea to check how much stretch each pair of jeans has, as this may make wearing them more comfortable.   The home of men’s clothing, eBay features a massive range of awesome styles, with everything from men’s jumpers and men’s pants, to men’s t-shirts and men’s jeans all in one place. When it comes to jeans, there is an amazing selection of brands such as Levis, Just Jeans, DIESEL, G-Star and ETO, in a great range of styles, fits, colours and sizes. Want to buy new or used? Want super easy home delivery? Too easy, too easy, with eBay.