Men’s chino shorts, versatile & simple

Men’s chino shorts are one of the most popular styles of shorts. They are very versatile, being able to be worn with everyday attire as well with more dressed up outfits. 

What are chino shorts?

Chino shorts are a style of shorts made from a cotton or cotton blend fabric. They are typically simple and streamlined, with a clean, well-fitted look. Men’s chino shorts are a great option with most outfits and can suit many occasions. 

Are there different types of men’s chino shorts?

Most chino shorts look pretty similar. However, there are a few different choices you have when selecting the perfect pair of men’s chino shorts to buy. It all depends on your personal preference and what you play to use your chino shorts for most. Here are some of the variations you may find in men’s chino shorts:

  • Colour - Men’s chino shorts come in a wide variety of colours. Some are more common, such as navy, green, brown, black, grey and beige. You can also find brighter colours to suit your taste such as aqua, cobalt blue, orange and red. 
  • Length - While chino shorts are shorts, you can find different length options. The lengths of men’s chino shorts can range from knee-length to mid-thigh. It all depends on what length of shorts you are most comfortable wearing. 
  • Width - Men’s chino shorts tend to be a slimmer fit than other casual shorts, however, you can still find some which are more of a relaxed fit.

What can chino shorts be worn with?

One of the great things about chino shorts is that they are easy to wear with anything! You can keep them casual with a graphic tee or a jumper for everyday wear. If you have a slightly more formal occasion, men’s chino shorts can also work for smart casual or semi-formal attire. Simply wear a button-up linen shirt and you are good to go. 

Men’s chino shorts are a staple piece you should have in your wardrobe. Find your perfect pair on eBay.