There's nothing quite like leather to protect your hands while giving them a full range of motion. Leather gloves are available for all sorts of applications, from casual wear to military use.

Driving gloves

While we rarely need to protect our hands from grit and cold wind while driving these days, driving gloves still evoke the 1920s and 1930s, with all their effortless style and class. Wear them to keep warm or just to look good.

Sporting gloves

Whether you're into mixed martial arts or rappelling, there's bound to be an athletic leather glove to keep your fingertips or knuckles intact. Fingerless gloves can be handy in sports where you need to grapple an opponent or have a lot of manual dexterity; otherwise full gloves are probably the way to go.

Ski gloves

Unlike many other leather gloves, most ski gloves are usually lined for maximum warmth. Frostbite is no joke! Look for modern synthetic materials that offer moisture wicking and warmth with minimal bulk.

Tactical gloves

Tactical gloves are similar in design to those used in military applications, and they tend to combine flexibility and strength to give your hands the best possible protection while allowing you to complete almost any task without taking the gloves off. You can often pick up actual ex-military and ex-police gloves and mittens as well.

Motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves protect your hands from the elements and stray stones while you ride and, if you crash, offer some protection from heat, friction burns, and impacts. You'll often find that motorcycle gloves are heavily padded in sections on the upper region and only lightly padded on the underside and palm, to allow maximum grip and manoeuvrability.

Work gloves

When you're working with high temperatures or potentially sharp objects, leather gloves can be the difference between a successful day at work and a visit to the emergency department. Work gloves are often made from rougher, more raw-feeling leather that has better natural grip than worked kid leather.