Men's Lounge Pants

Nothing beats spending a day sipping your favourite drink while sitting comfortably on the sofa in some cosy lounge pants. These pyjamas come in so many designs and various soft fabrics that impart a warm, soft feeling to help you relax on your days off. Additionally, using sleepwear promotes a better night's sleep because of the breathability and overall comfort of the fabrics.


This is a classic material for sleepwear and underwear. Cotton lounge pants are breathable, soft and tend not to irritate the skin. Designs include stripes, chequers, polka dots and even comic book themes. The material allows for vibrant colours, whether printed or dyed, and you can expect the designs to remain attractive despite countless washings. Cotton has its downsides though. It does not wick away moisture very well so if you naturally sweat a lot at night, you might want to consider other fabric options. The fabric also has poor insulation capabilities, but that's nothing an extra blanket can't fix.


Flannel lounge pants are best worn in the colder months. This woven fabric is soft to the touch and can range widely in fineness. Fine flannel pants are the best for sleepwear because they use the softest type of the fabric, so you can stay toasty without overheating. Some types become softer after each washing without degrading, so getting a quality pair will pay dividends in improved sleep quality.


Bamboo pyjamas are made of spun bamboo fibres, resulting in a fabric that is soft and silky with each caress. It wicks moisture extremely well, so you never feel stuffy or humid underneath. It is also hypoallergenic so anyone with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems will benefit from slipping on a pair of bamboo PJs. As bamboo fabric is organic, it is 100 per cent biodegradable, so it is an eco-friendly choice as well.