Men's Razor Blades

Mens Razor Blades

Shaving is a part of life when you enjoy the feel of soft, silky and smooth skin. The act of shaving requires the right hair removal products and youll need razors and razor blades for proper grooming. Choosing the right razor blades depends on several factors, including personal preference as well as compatibility with your existing razors.


Razor blades come in several basic types. There are cartridge razors, which work with specific razor models and secure onto the razor to allow you to shave until the razor blades dull. Then, you simply remove the old cartridge and install a new one. Gillette is a popular brand of cartridges. Single edge blades take some practice to use, because they only feature one shaving blade, while mens razor double edge blades have one blade but you can use each side to shave. Traditionally, single edge blades are considered old-fashioned but you can still find them today in more modern designs.


When youre shopping for mens razors and razor blades youll see some prominent brands pop up. Gillette and Schick are high-quality creators of razors and razor blades and the razors mostly use cartridges for convenience and affordability. However, if you want to use a different approach, select a razor you like and install single or double edge blades from brands like Astra, Wilkinson and Feather. Most blades come in packs of up to 50 blades or a handful of cartridges, such as 6 or 8.


Razor blades have one primary purpose, but many cartridges and even some blades have extra features to enhance your grooming experience. For instance, safety blades feature a guard that protects your skin from cuts and nicks. There are also razor blades meant for specific skin types, such as cartridges with soothing aloe to hydrate sensitive skin or cartridges with built-in shaving emollient to ensure a comfortable, close shave without leaving razor burn behind. Cartridges that have lubrication built into the blades keep your skin protected.


For convenience, purchase a razor that comes with compatible razor blades so you can start off on the right foot. Then, once those require replacement, feel free to mix it up by trying other types of blades until you find the perfect blade for you. Once you decide on blades, buy them in bulk so you never run out and get the best price for razor blades. Other shaving supplies you may want to look into include shaving cream, aftershave, a trimmer or clippers and a travel kit to keep your grooming supplies in on the go.