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Men's razor blades for all your shaving needs

Men's grooming products are now available for shaving every type of men's facial hair, from beards to clean shaven, from goatees to skin fades. Men's razor blades have evolved over the years from the super sharp and precise folding cutthroat barber's razor blades, to the safety shaving styles popularised by men's specialist razor manufacturer Gillette. Whatever you require, you will find the perfect razor blades on eBay.

Popular brands

Men's shaving razor blades focus on combining easy to use shave handles with super sharp blades that have been designed to minimise nicks and cuts while shaving. For example, the Gillette Proglide Flex Ball has a handle that allows the blades to pivot, making it easier to cover the contours of the face and reach every hair while shaving.

However, many consumers want a high performance but more affordable shaving option, which is when BIC single-use razors come in handy, especially for people who travel regularly.

Razors for different hair types

Each man has a different hair type and it can seem tricky finding razor blades to suit your shaving style. Many men like to shave in the shower, and want blades they can shave with both in the wet and without a mirror. This is when an electric shaver or waterproof razor blades, might come in handy, as it's almost impossible to cut yourself.

A clean shave

For men who prefer precision razor blades then a shave with a small razor shaver might be better, or even cutthroat style blades for the men who are dedicated to refining the art of wet shaving with folding blades. Using an old-fashioned brush to create a good lather first will help ensure a smooth shave or, be really authentic, find a vintage handle but insert a modern Gillette blade.